“Tre Cancelle”

“Tre Cancelle Farmhouse and Olive Groves”

Immersed in the greenery of the Italian Countryside of  Itri in South Lazio

The November Olive Harvest  (page 6)




As we trundle down the pot-holed road towards Itri the van is bursting with the intense fruity aroma of the freshly picked olives.  To produce the oil the olives need to be processed within a 24 to 48 hour period.  We choose to get our olives processed at the local Co-operative olive mill where the olive oil is carefully extracted using the cold continuous cycle method.  Here our crates areweighed and marked with our name, and then stacked until it is their turn for processing.  

During the first procedure the olives are tipped into a hopper and passed through a vibrating machine which separates the olives from the leaves and any other debris.  Then they are washed, and sent on to another machine for the second process, where they are mechanically sliced, crushed, mashed and churned to produce a smooth pulp.

From tipping the olives into the hopper at the beginning of the “continuous cycle” , to the oil flowing out the other end takes a little more than one hour.

It is back-breaking work, but it is incredibly satisfying to see our own olives transformed into freshly milled olive oil.

The resulting fresh flavoursome green extra virgin olive oil  is absolutely sensational  !!!   

So Do Contact Us To Try Some !!!

The third process extracts the liquid mixture of oil and water and feeds it into a large centrifuge, whilst the remaining solids are collected for further processing offsite.  Next a session of spinning to separate the oil from the water follows, the oil after a last coarse filtering being finally decanted into the olive producer’s portable container.

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