“Tre Cancelle”

“Tre Cancelle Farmhouse and Olive Groves”

Immersed in the greenery of the Italian Countryside of  Itri in South Lazio



Produced from the young green olives harvested early in the growing season

i.e. during the months of November and December.  

It could perhaps be referred to as  the “ Nouveaux Beaujolais of Olive Oil ”.

This oil is of exceptional quality, it has .......

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•     A distinctive vibrant olive green hue  

•    An aroma of freshly mown grass and newly picked culinary herbs

•    A lush velvety fruity taste with a a slight spicy kick of pepper.

•    It is a delicate to medium intensity oil with a sweet character  and has a very well balanced

      bitterness and pepperiness

It’s ideal for dipping, marinating, preparing salad dressings, and finishing dishes by drizzling over grilled fish, meat

and vegetables to enhance flavours, without masking its own delectable characteristic taste.

Our Superior Quality Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil   (page 3)

This fresh green extra virgin olive oil  is absolutely sensational  !!!   So Do Contact Us To Try Some !!!

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