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“Tre Cancelle Farmhouse and Olive Groves”

Immersed in the greenery of the Italian Countryside of  Itri in South Lazio

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The “Itrana” cultivar is exclusive to this specific area, thriving as a consequence of the unique environment, quality of the fertile soil, temperate micro-climate, sea breezes and fresh mountain air.

Having renovated the farmhouse we are now concentrating our efforts on coaxing the olive grove back to full productivity.  Whilst we are still a fledging operation, and despite a steep learning curve, the benefits of our efforts and labours are literally starting to bear fruit.  This we could not have achieved on our own, but for the help and support of some of our new found local friends,  their families have been farming olives for centuries.  

Itri olive oil, produced solely from the “Itrana” variety of olive, is noted within Italy for being of consistently high quality as it is exceptionally low in acidity, in fact often below the 0.4% threshold for Superior Extra Virgin Olive Oil”, which is far below the 0.8% international standard required to be categorised asExtra Virgin Olive Oil”.

Since this particular variety of olive is unique to this region of South Lazio and not grown anywhere else in the world it is truly unique amongst Extra Virgin Olive Oils.  

Therefore, it is an enigma to us why the Superior Extra Virgin Olive Oil from this beautiful area has been kept, until now, such a well guarded secret.

This is a situation we hope to change, as we have a burning desire to bring this wonderful product to a wider market and share our passion for this, the Very Best of Italian Fayre.

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