“Tre Cancelle”

“Tre Cancelle Farmhouse and Olive Groves”

Immersed in the greenery of the Italian Countryside of  Itri in South Lazio

Our “November Harvest” Superior Quality Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil  

We are a British couple who a few years ago decided to completely change our lifestyle, and we sold up our house in South Wales, lock stock and barrel, and relocated to Italy.  We purchased an abandoned farmhouse which came with a sizeable, semi-abandoned olive grove, into which we dreamed of breathing new life.  The place we now call home is the small town of Itri, in South Lazio - a sweet little town nestling in the scenic foothills of the Aurunci Mountains, in an area of outstanding natural beauty. The surrounding undulating hillsides, are tinted with the silvery green foliage of olive trees, indeed Itri has been noted for the quality of its olives since Roman times.  


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It is generally accepted that olive oil, this fine natural product, is full of health giving properties.  Indeed our 86 year old neighbour seems to be living proof of this, as he is still fit enough to climb his ladder, with secateurs and pruning saw in hand, to lovingly tend his trees.  

Also, the nearby picturesque medieval village of Campodimele has been awarded the European title of "The Village of Eternal Youth" as it is noted for the longevity of its citizens.  It seems that they are a particularly hardy breed, who seldom have the need to visit a doctor, rarely die before the age of 85, and it is not uncommon for its citizens to attain the age of 100.  The contributing factors may be the healthy mountain air, the less stressful pace of life, and consuming olive oil as an integral part of a healthy “Mediterranean diet”, made of good, fresh wholesome local ingredients.

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